Consider: Human history is endlessly rich in incredible stories. All over the world, humans have loved, explored, fought, ruled, helped one another, experienced world-shaking events and shaped the course of their own lives for millennia. Yet most of those stories are buried in dry academic books, while most of what we read for entertainment is made up out of whole cloth.

Tell us: which historical periods, people or places do you want to read about?

Create: A potentially endless series of novels that draw from the whole range of human history, in all the places humans have ever inhabited. Coordinated by an editing team to ensure continuity, the series is open to submissions from everyone, everywhere in the world. We are looking for novels that stick as close to the historically documented facts as possible while remaining accessible and engaging. Over time, we intend to create a timeline featuring all the novels published through our Humanity project as well as a curated selection of pre-existing works that fit our criteria.

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Explore: Imagine that for every period in history, for every place in the world, you could find engaging novels that both entertain and give you a reasonably accurate picture of the times and events that shaped this place. In the past, publishers had to focus on a few periods and protagonists with mainstream appeal to make sure their book runs would pay for at least one printing run; but in the age of ebooks and print-on-demand, we can aim for a maximum of stories.

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